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On a personal level I started working with the Comet Electrical Group in 1995 (The onset of computer sales on a mass scale). I worked originally in Sales becoming more and more involved in Support. Decided to work in the support sector full-time and attended Forth Valley College to complete Hnd Computer Support, culminating in Final year (Fast track Degree) at Napier University to be Awarded Bsc Network Computing in 2003.

I worked as Field Engineer with Silicon Group (Alloa) for 6 months before deciding to go it alone. Since then I have worked as a Self Employed Engineer on thousands of jobs. I have seen every Windows operating system through the years from Windows 3.11, Windows '95, Windows '98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 (Microsoft Certified), Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 to at Present Windows 10.

  • Graduate Computer Engineer with 25 years experience.
  • Based in Alloa, covering Wee County, Stirling and Falkirk Areas.
  • Phone number hasn't changed in 25 years, i'm not going to disappear overnight.
  • Mobile Engineer (Keeps cost down), work in either homes or small offices.
  • No callout charge in local areas.


Summerscales Technology Services can provide the same level of support that small business users expect from their IT Department, we do it in your home at a fraction of the cost. Below is a very small overview of services we offer !


We carry out everyday maintenance of computers, laptops & networks. If it is new installations we work round about you to carry out all tasks with minimum disruption. Available in home and office, some rare occasions require computer/laptop to be taken away.


Older computers don't necessarily need replaced, sometimes more memory, a new hard drive or even new graphics card is all that is required to give a boost, and more importantly in this economic climate, allow you another year or two use from your equipment.


Most common fault nowadays with computers and laptops is Viruses, Malware & Scareware that sometimes ask for money to repair. We can repair these issues and have you up and running quickly without you being scammed./p>

Health Check

A general health check, clears up all remnants, temporary files, cookies and clears up space on your computer. Junkware is removed and computer defragmented to allow your hard drive to operate at full speed. Computer is then tested to ensure reliability leaving you with peace of mind.


With the advent of fast broadband and mobile connectivity, most house have a router and several devices requiring connection. We can connect networks by wired and wireless methods and have all your devices (Be it computers, laptops, iPads, TV's or mobile phones) connected and online.

Backups & Reinstalls

Sometimes viruses damage your Windows installation, other times it is simply the computer is bloated with old files and programs that are no longer used. We can restore/reinstall your computer to factory settings whilst preserving your files & photographs, With Minimum of fuss.

First Step Is the Hardest

Give us a call, or drop an email. Happy to have an informal chat and offer advice wherever possible. No obligations undertaken and no heavy sales talk.


We work on computers from any manufacturer